Restore Your Smile with Advanced Prosthodontics

Need to replace some teeth? Prosthodontics can help!

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with tooth replacements. It includes replacement solutions like dentures and dental implants, which are designed to restore teeth that are missing entirely,  and crowns and veneers, restorations that work to retain part of the natural tooth.

Advanced prosthodontics affords patients the opportunity to improve their smiles. Even in cases of serious tooth decay, physical damage, and multiple missing teeth, advanced prosthodontics can help.

Advanced prosthodontics and restorative dentistry can provide you with a full mouth reconstruction or smile restoration that meets your specific needs. With a wide range of treatment options available, your provider can develop a unique plan to improve your smile in both form and function.

Concerns That May Require a Smile Restoration

Smile restoration involves using prosthodontics to achieve the best possible appearance, function, and long-term health for patients with dental and oral health issues.

Missing teeth are often the focus of smile restorations. Advanced prosthodontics can provide both restoration and replacement options for one or more missing teeth, including solutions for patients with all of their teeth missing.

Many of the treatments involved in smile restoration provide multiple benefits at once. The process can be appropriate for individuals who have had their quality of life affected by missing teeth, either through a reduction in their ability to eat and speak naturally or an impact on their self-confidence.

However, smile restoration isn’t only for people with missing teeth. In fact, any patient experiencing dental issues that may require future restorative treatments or extraction could benefit from a consultation with a prosthodontist in Chico, CA.

Fortunately, some prosthodontic treatments allow patients to retain their natural teeth. These options let patients keep damaged, decayed, or irregular teeth while restoring their function and appearance.

What’s involved with a smile restoration?

Every smile restoration is unique, so choosing to work with a prosthodontist instead of a regular dentist is advantageous. Prosthodontists have the experience and insight to successfully plan a smile restoration. They know which treatments work best in which situations and can tailor the treatment plan to fit each patient’s needs.

Below are some of the options available to help restore a smile with advanced prosthodontics.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are among the most commonly used prosthodontic treatment, as it’s  an effective solution for restoring individual teeth. When a tooth has suffered serious decay, physical damage, or is otherwise irregular, your dentist may be required to remove a significant portion of the tooth to remove the issue. If this is the case, a custom-made crown will then be permanently attached to protect the remaining natural tooth.

The crown can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and resin. It is a long-term replacement that lasts for decades, allowing you to eat and speak naturally and enjoy a full smile. In some cases, a root canal treatment is required to prepare the tooth for the crown.


A bridge is similar to a crown but can serve as a replacement for one or more missing teeth. A bridge is a row of several replacement teeth that can bridge the gap and replace what’s missing.

Two teeth on either end of the gap are prepared for the bridge the same way teeth are prepared for dental crowns. The bridge is then attached using those teeth as a foundation.

Dental Implants

Another option for completely missing teeth is dental implants. These are titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the jawbone. They provide a strong, permanent foundation for a crown, bridge, or permanent dentures. While the replacement crown on top of the post may need to be replaced at some time, the titanium implant itself lasts a lifetime.


Both complete and partial dentures are available to replace teeth. These removable options give patients the ability to eat and speak naturally and restore their original, full smile.


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or other material that is applied to the front of a prepared tooth. Veneers are great for treating chipped, cracked, deformed, or unsightly teeth that don’t present any health concerns.

You can enjoy the benefits of a smile restoration.

Once complete, your smile restoration will leave you with a beautiful, healthy smile. You’ll be able to enjoy long-term oral health with protection against shifting teeth, jawbone deterioration, and other complications that can arise from missing teeth.

If you believe a smile restoration may be right for you, reach out to My Chico Dentist to discuss your options with an experienced and skilled prosthodontist in Chico, CA. 

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