Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

Modern technology allows Dr. Robles to use highly precise laser treatments to treat this common issue in children and adults, improving long-term oral health.

What is Tongue-Tie

Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, is the restriction of tongue movement as a result of fusion or adherence of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A tongue-tie is caused by a frenum that is abnormally short or attached too close to the tip of the tongue.

Normal tongue function allows a baby to latch adequately and breastfeed efficiently, promotes normal speech development, makes it possible to self-cleanse the mouth during eating, allows adequate swallowing patterns, allows for proper growth and development, and makes fun little things like eating ice cream, kissing, or sticking your tongue out to catch raindrops possible.

What is a Lip-Tie?

A lip-tie occurs when the upper lip remains attached to the upper gum. It can lead to problems with speech and eating habits, jaw pain and protrusion, clicking jaws, a gap between teeth, pain with breastfeeding, and other oral health issues.

Laser Treatment

All frenectomy procedures are completed using a precision laser. This laser does not emit heat or water and cauterizes as it works. As a result, there is minimal trauma, bleeding, and scar tissue as well as reduced risk of infection.

Helping Mothers

A frenectomy can help mothers relieve the pain of breastfeeding and regain healthy nipples and breasts, stimulate milk production, encourage bonding with her baby, and ensure adequate feeding and growth of the baby.

Helping Infants

An infant’s struggle with breastfeeding can often be solved with guidance from our lactation consultant or a bodyworker helping with posture and latching. However, there are cases when a baby’s lip or tongue is tethered in a way that makes nursing painful or ineffective. In these instances, a release (Frenectomy) of their lip or tongue attachment (frenum) may be necessary.

Helping Adults

Adults can struggle with lip and tongue ties as well. An adult with a lip tie can present with a gap between the upper front teeth. A tongue-tie in an adult can lead to more severe issues such as migraines, gum recession, jaw pain, or malocclusion. Releasing the frenum, the attachment of the lip or tongue, with a Frenectomy can ease the symptoms resulting in improved health.

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