The Denture Evolution: 4 Ways Comfort, Function, and Aesthetics Have Improved Throughout the Years

Missing teeth is an incredibly common oral health problem. Dentures provide an effective tooth replacement option for many of those affected, with 41 million Americans using full or partial dentures today. 

Dentures have been used for a long time, but they haven’t stayed the same. Modern dentures provide a variety of benefits as a restorative dentistry treatment.

The history of dentures.

The earliest known use of dentures dates back 2,600 years when both animal and human teeth were used to craft crude tooth replacements. Of course, these early efforts left a lot to be desired. Over the years, materials and techniques were refined to provide greater functionality and improved appearance.

Ivory from elephant tusks became a highly popular option in the 1700s, providing a boost in the use of dentures. However, the ethical concerns around the use of ivory have since discontinued that trend. Eventually, techniques were developed to craft porcelain into replacement teeth. It is still one of the most widely used materials today.

How modern dentures provide more benefits than ever before.

Today, modern dentures implement a wide range of materials, designs, and techniques to provide some of the most effective solutions in restorative dentistry. When you visit a prosthodontist or dentist to find out more about dentures, you’ll discover many advanced features that improve quality of life and appearance.

1. Improved Comfort

The earliest dentures were often incredibly uncomfortable. While plenty of materials could provide a passable replacement for teeth, the hardest part was keeping them in the mouth in a way that allowed biting and chewing without pain or discomfort.

Today, materials such as acrylic resins are used to make the base of the dentures. These materials are perfectly suited to that purpose and are easy to work with, which helps make dentures affordable. The base of the dentures can match the natural color of gum tissue almost perfectly, so you can have a more natural-looking smile.

More importantly, these modern materials provide the appropriate combination of strength and flexibility to allow for both comfort and functionality. The way they distribute force reduces irritation and prevents sore spots.

2. Enhanced Stability

Slippage while eating or speaking has always been a concern while wearing dentures. Today, high-quality materials help prevent warping that can lead to stability issues, and a wide range of dental adhesives are available.

Implant-supported dentures go even further by relying on dental implants for increased stability. The dental implants are embedded in the jawbone, so they provide a solid foundation that prevents the implant-supported dentures from moving under any conditions.

3. Natural Appearance

Modern dentures are highly customized to suit individual patients. The shape, size, and shade of teeth are all carefully adjusted to provide a smile that looks natural for you. 

Dentures are made to look as realistic as possible, capturing minute details that you’ll find in natural teeth. The boundary between the replacement teeth, the denture base, and your natural gums are all areas where improvements have been made to provide a more seamless look.

4. Better Fit

The fit of your dentures is essential to provide comfort and avoid slippage. Today, 3D scanning equipment is used to create a precise model of your mouth. From this, computer-aided design and manufacturing software is used to plan your custom dentures so that they’ll provide a perfect fit.

These highly accurate designs are then used to create the final dentures, which will fit in your mouth as perfectly as possible. This reduces rubbing that leads to irritation, and it makes your new smile look as natural as any other restoration option.

Modern dentures can improve the quality of your life.

All of these benefits come together to provide a significantly improved quality of life for patients with missing teeth. You can enjoy a diet with very few restrictions, speak clearly, enjoy easy maintenance, and have a stunning smile that you aren’t afraid to share in social situations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that dentures are the right solution for everyone. Other options, such as dental implants, can provide even better results in many cases, although not everyone is a candidate. The only way to know for sure is to talk with your dentist about your tooth replacement options.

Find the right tooth replacement solution to suit your needs.

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