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Brighten your smile with Zoom! Whitening.

Brighter, whiter teeth is a desire of many adults looking to freshen up their smile. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry service and can also be an important step in a broader smile makeover treatment plan. There are a lot of options available that will give you whiter teeth, including store-bought options and professional products provided by your dentist.

The doctors at My Chico Dentist provide Zoom!, a professional teeth whitening system beloved by dental health professionals and their patients alike. It’s highly effective at whitening, doesn’t damage tooth enamel, and best of all, patients can opt for in-home or in-office whitening.

Let’s take a closer look at the Zoom! teeth whitening system and why you might want to use it to brighten your smile.

Why use a professional teeth whitening system?

Take a walk down any dental care aisle of a store and you’ll find an extensive range of different products designed to give you whiter teeth. Most of these products will either be whitening strips or paint-on whitening gels. In the case of some brands of whitening strips, you might even see the ADA Seal of Approval on them. 

So why choose professional whitening when there are so many options available in stores? Well, there are two main reasons.

First, professional teeth whitening systems are much more effective.

Not only will you see results faster, but the bleaching process is also able to lift stubborn stains that a store-bought whitening strip can’t. You’ll spend less time whitening and more time enjoying your smile. The extra cherry on top is that results from professional whitening tend to last much longer than store-bought options!

Second, professional teeth whitening systems preserve your oral health.

Misuse of whitening products can be permanently damaging to your tooth enamel. It can lead to tooth sensitivity, pain, and brittle tooth enamel. Whitening without the guidance of a dentist can also exacerbate active oral health problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these problems are significantly more likely to happen when whitening at home with store-bought products.

By choosing to get whiter teeth with a professional teeth whitening system through your dentist’s office, you’ll be safeguarding your current and future oral health. Whitening under a dentist’s supervision ensures your teeth are healthy and able to accept whitening safely, reducing the chance of product overuse and subsequent sensitivity or enamel erosion issues.

How the Zoom! Whitening System Enhances Smiles

The My Chico Dentist doctors have chosen Zoom! as our select teeth whitening option for patients because of its efficacy, longevity, safety, and versatility. Zoom! is one of the most popular professional teeth whitening options for the very same reasons we’ve chosen it for our patients.

Whitening in the Office With Zoom!

Zoom! in-office whitening is a relaxing experience that takes about one hour.

Your dentist will apply the Zoom! whitening gel and use a special light to boost the bleaching process. You’ll simply sit back and relax while the product works to remove stains and discoloration on your tooth enamel and dentin.

After your in-office whitening session is complete, you can expect your teeth to be about eight shades brighter. Results are also long-lasting as the hydrogen peroxide-based gel is able to penetrate stubborn stains more deeply than other products.

Whiter teeth at Home With Zoom!

Not everyone has time for a one-hour in-office whitening session. If you’re busy or simply prefer to whiten your smile at home, you’ll be thrilled to know that Zoom! can help.

Our at-home Zoom! whitening kits are just as effective as the in-office system, though it does take more sessions to achieve full results. With this option, you’ll wear a special mouthpiece with the Zoom! gel for four to eight hours per session. This means you can get whiter teeth while you sleep. 

After three nights — approximately three eight-hour sessions — you can expect your smile to be six shades whiter. From there, your dentist will help you determine how many sessions to complete to achieve your brightness goal.

How Long Zoom! Results Last

Once you’ve achieved your optimal level of brightness, you can expect your results to last one to two years with proper dental care. Similar to the longevity of dental restorations, the length of time your whitening results last is highly variable because of lifestyle factors. For example, if you drink coffee, black tea, or wine often, you may experience dulling quicker than someone who doesn’t consume these teeth-staining beverages.

The best way to maintain your results is to prioritize your oral hygiene at home. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, floss after meals, and use dentist-recommended Zoom! products designed for maintaining white smiles.

You’ll also want to see your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Receiving regular professional dental cleanings removes plaque buildup and aids in maintaining naturally whiter teeth and a healthier smile.

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